Access all your data in one simple platform

No more manually joining CSVs or switching between platforms


Our features

All the tools you need to turn your data into insights

NoxuData Features

Get fast and reliable answers to questions

Ask questions naturally and get answers in seconds and minutes, not days and weeks

Bring your dashboards to life

Create and edit dashboards in natural language. No more back-and-forth with your data team to edit dashboards

NoxuData Features
NoxuData Features

Get insights you didn’t know you needed

Get informed of changes in data that matter to you automatically before you even ask

Understand the “why”

Drill down into changes in your data and get insights on key drivers of changes

NoxuData Features

Easy. Accurate. Secure.

Get answers you can trust from your data fast, without compromising security or reliability


Integrate data sources easily

Easily sync your data sources, whether it's in a data warehouse, your ERP, or CSVs


100% accuracy

Access to human help guarantees that you get the answer you’re looking for, every time


Security and privacy. Guaranteed

Best-in-class security and data governance. Our platform features end-to-end encryption and is SOC 2 compliant

Pricing plans

Flexible pricing based on your needs

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How secure is my data and how is it stored?

We ensure end-to-end encryption of user data. We have established Data Processor Agreements (DPA) with our LLM providers to ensure that data from our platform is not used or stored for training purposes.

Which large language models do you use?

We support LLMs offered by OpenAI (including GPT-4), Google (PaLM-2 under preview), and Anthropic (Claude under preview).

How do you integrate with my data sources?

We offer multiple options to integrate your data, including plugging into your data warehouse if you have, or directly into your data sources and allowing CSV uploads.

Who can use your platform?

Anyone! Our platform is specifically tailored for users that don't know how to write SQL or how to access their data warehouse.

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